DavidBennettDev.com is the professional website of David Bennett. It includes examples of my professional work, files and examples for public consumption, and a blog of my developmental endeavors and snippets for future reference. As a place for exploration and sharing knowledge, please feel free to comment and share any helpful comments pointing out a best practice or better way of doing things. The views in the blog are mine alone and do not reflect the opinions of my employer or any individuals to whom I might link or otherwise reference.

If you’ve come seeking David Mcmasters, you’re in the right place. With my marriage, my wife and I legally changed out last name to Bennett rather than complicate things by trying to hyphenate our names or have one of us take the other’s name.


This site was developed using open source tools and runs on WordPress using MySQL. The WordPress template is Rachel Baker’s Twitter Bootstrap theme with some additional customizations and styles. I maintain a local development site and migrate content, custom components and files using MySQL imports and exports along with FTP (my preferred tools being either FileZilla or WinSCP – connections over SSH being preferrable).

The primary site development tools I use are WAMPServer, Notepad++ and Photoshop. WAMPServer is used to run and develop the site since it gives me the full stack of Apache, MySQL and PHP. I hand-code my pages and components despite having tried various IDEs like Eclipse, PHPStorm, and Dev-PHP2 since I haven’t found anything that really works well without hogging resources or getting in my way more than it helps.

The site is hosted on Dreamhost along with other domains I manage. They’ve been a great host and I really appreciate all the development tools available including the ability to host unlimited MySQL databases.

Here’s a short list of the tools I use or have tried: