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Site Revisions

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After some time running this site under Joomla! with the blog being handled by WordPress, I’ve finally switched over to only use WordPress. Although I like the features of a full-fledged content management system and Joomla! has some great features, it was both a little more heavy-weight than I needed and the maintenance tasks to […]

Data Visualization and LinkedIn

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As a tool for professional networking, LinkedIn does many things very well, but I’ve never found lists of contacts or friends (a la Facebook) to be particularly compelling. Over at LinkedIn Labs can be found some tools and experiments that look to expand what LinkedIn is capable of. I finally had a chance to play […]

Daily Schedule

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Turns out I keep much the same daily schedule as Ben Franklin without the long lunch.  More or less.  I thought that, “early to bed, early to rise” meant going to bed by 7 PM or something.  Turns out it’s more like 10 PM. Here’s Benjamin Franklin’s Daily Routine and there are plenty others on this […]