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It’s been a tremendous amount of work, but my new site for my genealogy hobby is finally finished. It’s live at It’s definitely a work in progress as I’m continuing to post stuff including letters and recorded conversations as I transcribe them among many other plans to shift my records to a location that can be shared with others.

The site is built on WordPress with PHPGedView behind it so I can manage display own family record instead of uploading it to a third-party (which I’m loathe to do more because the records are still a bit incomplete and poorly cited). The whole site uses Rachel Baker’s Twitter Bootstrap 2 theme with modifications to the functions for management of images and templates for Google Maps and the like.

Since the site relies heavily on media, I installed several plugins to make dealing with them easier. These plugins are Enable Media Replace, Media Rename, and Unattach and Re-attach Media Attachments (the last being a function whose lack in WordPress I found rather surprising). Another useful plugin, Page Links To, allowed me to link the PHPGedView family tree in the navigation as if it were a page in WordPress.

Mcmasters-Mustain Genealogy banner

Roy and Gertie Mcmasters, the Civil War pension application from Caroline Taylor White for Hugh White (4th Ohio Infantry), Anna and Luther Mustain, Mildred Jane (“Jen”) Wilson, Nieuw Amsterdam at the time of my earliest immigrant ancestors, Helen Frost in the 1911 Sheffield census, and the area of Virginia originally settled by the Mustains in 1750.

I’m hoping to take the theme I’m currently using and the DevDmBootstrap3 theme as the jumping off points to develop a theme that fits my needs for this site using the latest and greatest version of Twitter Bootstrap. I’d like to keep my modifications so that I don’t have to rework the pages in the site, but more cleanly incorporate some of the scripting and function changes I’ve made. While I’m at it, I’d like to rework the stylesheets to use Sass since both the themes use Less, but Sass is what I use at work and I can save myself from trying to remember the right syntax all the time.